Flowers everywhere

I love flowers in all forms. I love when they bloom in spring. I love when they fill the flower market with sweet fragrance in the morning. I love when they are standing in a vase on my table. I even love them painted on a canvas. Over the years, I’ve collected over twenty reproductions and prints of famous flower paintings:

  • Van Gogh ‘Irises’
  • Claude Monet ‘Water Lilies’
  • Paul Cezanne ‘Tulips in a Vase’
  • A few famous Japanese flower paintings (have trouble remembering the artist’s name, hehe)

…And many, many more. They hang all over my place, and when I walk by or raise my eyes and see a beautiful bouquet right in front of me, I swear I can feel their freshness and aroma, even though they are not real. This is a great power of art, evoking responses and feelings that you can’t possibly experience simply by looking at the picture.

Paintings and reflections

What makes a painting so alive? I can’t tell for sure, I’m not an artist. I guess, it’s both the beauty of composition, shapes and colors, how they interact to create a certain mood, and technical skills of the author. You can paint the same scene using two different techniques and get two different paintings. As for me, I like unusual styles that can show me new sides of things I already know. It’s amazing how human mind is capable of perceiving the surrounding world so different from how it really looks! I guess this is one of the main reasons why art actually exists – it allows us to live in so many realities at the same time.

Beauty that won’t wither

Today I want to talk about a wonderful artist who knows how to make flowers bloom on the canvas. It’s Leonid Afremov. You won’t read about him in art history books. You won’t see his works in the greatest museums in the world. But they are all over the internet. Mr. Afremov owns a site where he sells his paintings directly to buyers and I think that’s a great way to run one’s business. Makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He doesn’t put on air or make a big deal out of himself. Not at all! It’s like talking to another person, just like you. I really like that. I already ordered a couple of his canvases and they are simply adorable! You can find his most famous flower paintings here. I have no doubt you’ll be just as excited about them as I am!



Splitting hair

Some people think doing their hair is kind of a morning ritual, like brushing your teeth or having a cup of coffee. Let me assure you, this is hard work and real art (of course, if you love your job and do it well). Last summer, I took part in a hair styling competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I was stunned by the works of the others! There were all kinds of hairdos – from retro pin up curls to crazy punk cuts. Some participants even were even building sort of hair sculptures. The girl next to me styled her model’s hair like a hat! That took a looot of spray! I was also amazed by experiments with various hair colors. Luckily, one of my friends happens to be a journalist and I now have a personal archive of secret hair styling footage, haha. By the way, if you decide to change your daily image and go for something new instead, I really recommend this YouTube channel It’s called DIY Beauty Channel and it has dozens of tutorials on makeup, hair styling and fashion that you can try at home. I picked up a few cool ideas here myself 🙂 Remember: your looks are a projection of your personality! And it’s up to you which sides of it you are about to project!


Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’m Jessica Anderson, a simple girl from Miami. I like living in this city and I really love my job. I’ve been working as a hair stylist for five years now and I never even thought of getting another job, although frankly speaking it doesn’t pay very well. The funniest thing is that I didn’t even study for it. It kind of came to me naturally. So now every other head you see downtown is my doing, haha. I also enjoy growing flowers and making ikebanas. I’m already running out of places where to put them! Perhaps I’ll upload a few pics of my latest creations here 🙂